June 8th, 2024-June 15th, 2024

The Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy has a proud tradition of providing quality training to explorers from throughout the United States and England in a challenging and informative style. The career field of law enforcement has faced tremendous change in the last few years, transforming from a simple blue- collar occupation to an educationally based and professional career.

Because of this, the demand for qualified and experienced applicants is high. To provide the first hand knowledge necessary to compete for future employment in law enforcement, the Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy aims for the accomplishment of the following objectives:

  • Learn basic police skills and knowledge.
  • Apply the learned skills and knowledge in a controlled environment.
  • Learn self-discipline and how to follow society‚Äôs rules.
  • Learn to apply ethical standards, particularly the law enforcement Code of Ethics to everyday life.
  • Learn to effectively relate to peers, superiors, and the public.

The academy was designed to provide explorers with the knowledge, skills and training necessary to enhance the exploring experience at their local agency. And provide them with the information to make a more informed decision about law enforcement as a career field.

Availability Is Limited to 20 Explorers Per Post!