The Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy


The Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy has a strong emphasis on discipline and has a mandatory physical training program. All explorers must participate in and complete the physical program.

Discipline:   training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.

During the week of training, police explorers will complete many hours of Law Enforcement training. They will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop friendships with other young adults from around the world.


The curriculum is divided into three (3) levels:


Level I (Basic) ——————– 1st year

Many explorer posts set minimum training standards for participation in activities such as police ride-along programs or as a basis for promotion. The Level I curriculum was designed with this in mind and includes such courses as: Basic patrol procedures, firearms training, vehicle stops, radio procedures, report writing, handcuffing techniques, field contacts and many more.


Level II ———————————-2nd year

The Level II curriculum was designed to assist explorer posts with competition training. Whether your post participates in competition or not, this level will fine-tune those skills learned in the basic year. Burglary in progress, felony traffic stops, bomb threat response, domestic violence response & more.


Level III —————————————-3rd year

The Level III curriculum was designed to enhance the leadership qualities of senior explorers in your post.It includes courses on: Ethics, leadership, team building, public speaking & more.


All explorers must successfully complete each lower level prior to moving to the next level.


Core Development


Each cadet will receive 40 hours of classroom instruction, which includes practical applications in various areas of Law Enforcement. A diverse array of certified instructors’ complement the training staff by providing practical experience in the classroom.  In addition all cadets will receive instruction in military drill and formation exercises and team building activities.

Each day is structured and scheduled according to a Law Enforcement Academy environment, with the intent to provide your explorers with the most complete training experience possible.